Admissions Procedure

Prospective parents who wish their daughter/s to be enrolled at Micklefield must complete the relevant application forms, pay the non-refundable enrolment fee of R400 and provide the supporting documents. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school and be interviewed by the Headmistress. At this stage the general and specific needs of the child can be discussed.  Micklefield enjoys a policy of inclusion.  The child’s needs are foremost and she must benefit by being enrolled at Micklefield.

Learners are placed on a waiting list.

At the beginning of the year prior to the starting date of the Grade 00 learners, selection of the pupils takes place.  There are 22 vacancies in this grade and Grade 00 applicants are not tested. The criteria below are considered, however, vacancies are filled at the discretion of the Headmistress.

  • Siblings
  • Age of learner when application was made
  • Diversity
  • Past Pupils (if mothers were at Micklefield for their full primary school years)
  • Area/ relocation
  • Needs of the learner

On acceptance, Grade 00 parents are notified, in writing, at the end of the first term.  Successful applicants confirm their places by completing an Acceptance of Place form and paying the non-refundable placement fee.  A second round of acceptances takes place in the second term if parents from the first round do not accept the place offered.

Unsuccessful applicants are requested to reply in writing if they want their names kept on the waiting list.

There are 24/25 places in Grade 0.  It is assumed the 22 Grade 00 children will take the first 22 places leaving 2/3 possible vacancies.  The same criteria are followed for the selection of Grade 0 learners.

Application for Grade 00 (Age 4 turning 5) :

Year child is born        Year to Enter Grade 00

2012                          2017

2013                          2018

2014                          2019

2015                          2020

2016                          2021

2017                          2022

If a vacancy arises during the course of a year, applicants on the waiting list will be advised in writing should they be offered a place.

Should vacancies arise in Grades 1 – 7, assessments are conducted to assess the learner’s readiness for the grade.

Bursaries for Financial Aid

A limited number of bursaries for financial aid are considered. Please contact Cheryl Steyn (Admissions) / 021 6856494 for the relevant information and forms.

Application for enrolment
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