Micklefield offers a broad but individualized independent, junior school, educational experience.  Its small and caring family environment encourages its girls to grow to their full potential and to become valuable members of society.


Micklefield is committed to:

  1. instilling a love of learning
  2. encouraging the development of academic excellence
  3. developing creative thinking and effective communicating skills
  4. optimizing pupil-teacher contact in small, intimate classes
  5. enabling full participation in cultural and sporting activities
  6. realising full individual potential and building self-esteem
  7. encouraging empathy and consideration for others
  8. inculcating personal responsibility and self discipline
  9. maintaining a happy communicative environment with a dedicated and accessible staff and parent representation


Micklefield girls are:

  1. Proud
  2. Honest
  3. Respectful
  4. Considerate
  5. Responsible
  6. Friendly


The Micklefield School Association (an association not for gain) is administered by a Board of Trustees comprising the Headmistress (ex officio), Deputy Headmistress (ex officio), 1 elected teacher member, 3 elected parent members and 1 appointed parent member. The Board deals with aspects of governance which include financial planning and budget requirements, strategic planning, the mission and conduct of the school and policy and broad institutional matters.