Information Technology

In a technological age, Micklefield is making great strides in focusing on technology integration. The teachers are embracing exciting and innovative teaching techniques.  The girls, as the technology leaders of the future, are constantly producing cutting edge technology creations.

Girls from Grade 1-7 have computer lessons in the Computer Centre where they learn a wide range of computer skills. Programs include various office processing apps, dynamic presentation tools, audio editing technology, visual data creation and manipulation, and web design.

Girls learn in a collaborative and interactive way by exploring exciting web 2.0 tools and apps.  They create, share, publish and discover graphics, videos, widgets, wikispaces, prezis, many online creation tools, skype interviews, interactive books, interactive numeracy and literacy sites, YouTube channels, word clouds, digital storytelling, audio recordings, webcam, social media, podcasts, blogs, music CDs,  visual media and so much more!

Micklefield is also fully WiFi enabled, and through the use of whiteboards and school iPADs, many of the lessons are integrated.


With more than 8 000 books on its shelves the Micklefield library has a book to thrill every child. The library is a beautiful bright space, with a sunny reading corner, and the girls are encouraged to visit the libarary whenever they get the chance.

From Grade 00 to Grade 3 the girls come to the library as class groups and a trail of little girls carrying their bright pink library bags containing their chosen books is a very Micklefield sight. Stories are read, authors discussed, books are chosen and fun book-related activities are completed during these lessons.

The library works on an honour system for the older Grades and girls from Grade 4 to Grade 7 are free to issue their own books.

Micklefield encourages the girls to read and we regularly compete in the various Lit Quiz Competitions.