I remember my Standard 4 class in 1961. Our teachers were Mrs Lifmann, Mrs Waddell and Mrs Spilhaus. We had our end-of-term feasts on the verandah (we all loved the jelly powder) and I remember playing rounders on the field as well as the wonderful sports days. Special, happy days. (Sue Oosthuizen, nee Welch, 1956-1962)

I remember the “sick couch” where we would wait for our moms to fetch us when we got sick at school. (Mary Debrick, nee Muller, 1952 – 1959)

I remember singing at the Carol Service as a little Grade 4, it was very scary at the time but started a love for singing! (Melissa Lubbe, 1999-2003)

Baker’s Day in preschool was a very big deal! I also got into big trouble in preschool from Mrs Ramsbottom when I scribbled on a chair with a crayon to prevent someone from sitting next to me! (Catherine Mizon, 1994-2002)

We used to walk up the road, all joined by a rope, to buy fruit at the fruit stall in Sandown Road (which is still there) and make fruit salad. We also had cake sales and used to use plastic money to buy food. We also remember being able to choose the assembly song on your birthday. (Tamara, Teeny and Sandra, Gr7 in 2007)

We remember having Mrs Walker for preschool – the lady with the big bun! She used to call us “pet”. We did ballet after school in the same classroom. (Leila Ismail, Heather Wares and Thandi de Wit, preschool 1990)

I remember listening to music in the Sub B classroom. Mrs Spilhaus made us lie on our backs and listen to Bridge over Troubled Water. She had tears in her eyes and none of us could understand why! (Lala Steyn, Margie Worthington-Smith and Carol Green, 1968-1974)

The old Sub B classroom used to have a bike-rack outside – sad that nobody rides bikes to school anymore! (Mary Haw, 1989-1993)

In Sub B I was in the Green Group (later promoted to an official Kingfisher!). We used to write exams, but our teacher, Mrs Goble, called it “fun work” and half the class had to wait outside. (Frances Robertson, 1982-1989)

In Standard 5 we put Pritt glue on our French teacher’s chair and all got into terrible trouble with Mrs Berens! (Julia Budden, nee Wallace, 1982-1989) 

In Standard 5 we used to stay after school and play chopsticks on the piano, annoying Sybil, the clearer, who wanted to come inside and tidy up! (Frances Robertson, Sally Hetherington, nee Strachan and Julia Budden, nee Wallace, 1982-1989)

In Standard 4 we had an altercation involving the glass door on the verandah. All of us were pushing on the glass which eventually broke. Being on the “minority” side, the glass fell on us, and my head was cut open – blood! My parents were called to take me home, and I still have the scar as a reminder. I also remember someone letting off a stink bomb in the hopes that we could complete our lesson outside. Instead all of the windows and doors were closed and we were forced to sit with the smell to teach us a lesson! (Libby Cunningham, 1963-70)

There used to be a loquat tree outside the Standard 4 classroom. We used to swing on it off the verandah. (Julia Budden, nee Wallace, Frances Robertson and Sally Hetherington, nee Strachan, 1982-1989)

I remember Mrs Holgate disecting a pichard. When she squeezed the eye I threw up! (Sam)

In Standard 2 a computer used to be wheeled into the classroom and we used to play games, on at a time. (Carolyn Hiscock, 1984-1991)

Our Sub A teacher, Mrs Germiston, used to love orange Smarties and stole them from us at break-time! She also used to read us from Roald Dahl’s The Witches and we all loved her! (Leila Ismail, Heather Wares, Thandi de Wit and Cara Wares, 1990)

I remember singing Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam in assembly, and being able to choose the hymn on my birthday. I also remember doing sum-cards with Mrs Bowley in Sub A – there were some shaped like cats which were the hardest! (Frances Robertson, 1982-1989)

I remember watching the Sub As perform Bananas in pyjamas when I was in preschool, and singing I may never march in the infantry with Mrs Goble in Sub B. In Standard One we used to hang outside the Standard Five classroom, listening to the older girls play the piano and sing Blue Moon during break time. (Alex Davidge, nee Brooke, 1985-1992)

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