Welcome from the Headmistress

Welcome to the Micklefield School website

Throughout its history Micklefield has been known for its personal care, its nurturing environment, the emphasis on instilling a values system and, of course, the excellent all-round academic, sporting and cultural education that our girls are privileged to receive.

Our mission statement is as follows:

Micklefield offers a broad but individualised independent, junior school, educational experience.  Its small and caring family environment encourages its girls to grow to their full potential and to become valuable members of society.

The education is indeed broad. Because we are small all our girls are encouraged by our excellent, passionate staff members to participate in all facets of school life – academics, sport, cultural activities as well as creative leadership and social responsibility enterprises.

Being both small and independent we have wonderful opportunities to teach beyond the curriculum and to provide any number of activities that will contribute to the development of the girls’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in an exciting and interactive manner.

Whilst our ethos is embedded in our mission it is important that education remains relevant to the future needs of society. We include the teaching of Thinking Skills in our curriculum.  We facilitate our pupils not only to access information but to critically evaluate it. We include training in leadership skills, social skills and conflict resolution skills. We are living in a digital age. Technology is integrated into the curriculum and our girls are fully equipped to use technology in a responsible way to aid their learning.

We believe that each child is unique and that each child, whatever her skills and talents might be, must be enabled to reach her full potential. We would like the Micklefield experience to inspire our girls to become independent, resilient, creative, motivated and empathetic women in order to ensure that they are able to contribute positively to the future society.


Jeannette Welgemoed