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April 29, 2022

25 – 29 April 2022

weekly update

TERM 2 SNACK PACK  deadline

The deadline for any changes to Term 2 Snack Pack order is Monday 25 April. Please e-mail Esther Steyn Esther.Steyn@idmgroup.co.za. Order changes for Term 2 will not be possible after this date.


In addition to notifying reception when your daughter is sick, please also contact the music teacher if your daughter has a lesson on that day. This will assist music teachers who come in to school especially for specific classes.  


Order forms have been e-mailed to Gr 4-7 parents regarding scoliosis screening at Micklefield. Parents are invited to an informative assembly talk at 08:15 on Tuesday 10 May. Should you wish your daughter to be screened, please return the completed form to the class teacher in a sealed envelope with the correct cash amount by Monday 9 May 2022. The form is available on the Edana App under Documentation.


We have noticed that many of the girls from Grade 1 – 7 are arriving after 07.55 which means they are late for school.  The first lesson starts at 07.55 and it is very disruptive for the teacher and other pupils when a child arrives late.  The school is officially open from 07.15 so please ensure that your daughters are on time.


Micklefield Art Cards are on sale @ R80 for a pack of 5. Please enquire at reception. Cash or on school account.


The School Shop at Bishops, Tel:  021 689 5708, Email: info@schoolshop.co.za

sport & extra murals

The winter sport/extra-mural programme is available on the Edana App under Documentation, Sport/Extra-murals.  A hard copy went home each pupil last term and it has also been sent out on the Whatsapp groups. Please keep the hard copy information in an accessible place and refer to it for the relevant information.

Fixture lists for both hockey and netball are also available on the Adana App under Documents, Sport/Extra-Murals.  Please note that each week all the information and team lists for that particular week will be sent out after the practices for the matches taking place that week.


We are aware that we have all been out of ‘competitive sport’ for a while due to Covid, but during this time, Micklefield continued with skills and worked on fitness. We are, however, seeing a major lack of fitness in all our girls and in order to play competitively, we need to up our game in a big way.  Fitness is the key to all our sport, it is a power and not a punishment!  If the girls are fit, the skills are easier to implement and this leads to enjoyable game time! To this end, please support us in getting our girls fit and match ready.  Please do not excuse them from sport practices or cross-county sessions unless it is a genuine illness or injury.


Tuesday, 26 April:

  • U9s at Micklefield from 13.30 – 14.30
  • U10, U11, Open teams at WPCC – parents collect from there at 14.45

Thursday, 28 April: 

Matches vs Herschel – all matches at Herschel Prep, Kenmar Crescent, Claremont

  • U9A, U9B and U9C
  • U10A and U10B
  • U11A and U11B
  • Open A and Open B
  • All teams, except for the Open A and Open B go straight to Herschel at the end of the school day, irrespective of the time of each match.  Players may leave after their match is completed, unless they are a reserve for another match.  Due to Ramadan, we are short of players in some age groups so some girls will be playing more than one match.
  • The exact details for each team will be on the team lists that will be sent out via the class Whatsapp group on Tuesday, after the hockey practices.  Parents are reminded that they are please to transport players to and from the matches.  Spectators are allowed.  Please be mindful of your behaviour on the side of the field.  We encourage parents to support our teams as a whole, Micklefield, instead of individual players.  Sportsmanship is of utmost importance, both on and off the field.


Monday, 25 April:

  • U9s and U10s at Micklefield from 14.30 – 15.30
  • U10, U11, Open teams at RGHS from 14.45 – 16.00

Wednesday, 27 April: Public Holiday


It is compulsory for all Grade 3 – 7 girls to do Cross Country during second break on Wednesdays during the 2nd and 3rd terms.  For this to work safely, we need parents as marshals on the route.  The time is from 12.45 – approximately 13.30, sometimes earlier.  If you are able to assist or are able to ride a bicycle alongside the runners, please contact Sandi Blackbeard.  It is important for our girls to be fit in order to play their sport, but their safety is paramount.


Cross-Country runners getting fit!

Congratulations to Alison Smith, our Phys Ed assistant, who completed her 7th 56km marathon on Sunday in a personal best of 6.13.  Congratulations, too, to Gail Fargher and Belinda Gordon who completed the 21km race on Saturday in very good times of 2.33 and 2.32 respectively.  Well done, ladies!

Rania Parker performed the Can Can beautifully on her Flute in Senior Assembly this week
Alexa Burns played a jaunty solo "Skat Cat Swing" on her Fife
It was such a treat to hear our Shocking Pink girls perform part of their South African medley: "Loliwe" by Zahara, and "These Streets" by Mi Casa in Assembly this term!
the Grade 4s had a great time acting out emotion charades during our student teachers lesson.
Congratulations to Debbie Nunneley on her 50th Birthday! Warmest wishes from all of us for a fabulous day and year ahead.

On a final outing with Mrs. Patel, the girls visited the home of Olivia Traill on the last day of Term 1. Olivia’s mum, Lindsay, has an online gifting business which includes delivering flowers and she taught us all how to make the most beautiful ‘tied bunches’ of flowers. Thank you Lindsay and Olivia, for your very warm hospitality!

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