Information Technology

Micklefield understands the importance of remaining on the forefront of technological innovation.

Our teachers embrace the innovative teaching techniques that modern technology affords, making use of our cutting-edge equipment in valuable and creative ways.

The girls, as the technology leaders of the future, are taught to use various forms of technology to apply and present the knowledge and concepts taught in class.

Each grade has dedicated computer lessons, where they learn a wide range of computer skills. Programs include various word processing apps, dynamic presentation tools, audio editing technology, visual data creation and manipulation, and web design.

The girls learn in a collaborative and interactive way and are taught a wide variety of age-appropriate skills, such as:

  • coding concepts (Tynker Jr, Tynker, Scratch Jr and Khan Academy)
  • exploring their creativity through different apps (Book Creator, My Story App etc.)
  • research skills
  • internet security and etiquette
  • blended learning applications such as Matholia, Prodigy (Maths) and Wonder Stories, Epic (Reading)
  • word processing skills (Microsoft Word in combination with Google Docs)
  • working with spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets)
  • writing emails and email etiquette
  • creating digital art
  • creating presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • understanding the functionality/hardware of a laptop, a desktop computer and an iPad
  • uploading and storing photos
  • understanding copyright – citing sources, referencing, plagiarism
  • creating websites (Google Sites)
  • using the internet to search for solutions to problems (independent critical thinking)
  • typing
  • coding
  • researching
  • using a variety of apps

We also encourage families to follow the Micklefield guidelines for screen time, which are informed by the most up-to-date research on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The library

Our brand-new library is a beautiful, bright space, with more than 8 000 books on its shelves and plenty of comfortable spaces to read.

We offer a variety of fiction, non-fiction and reference books, for both our younger readers and our tweens and teens.

From Grade 00 to Grade 3 the girls come to the library as class groups – a trail of little girls carrying their bright pink library bags containing their chosen books is an endearing sight. Stories are read, authors are discussed, books are chosen, and fun book-related activities are accomplished during these lessons.

The library works on an honour system for the older grades, and girls from Grade 4 to Grade 7 are free to issue their own books.

Some of the Grade 7s are library monitors, and they help the librarian and younger girls during break times.

Micklefield encourages the girls to read, and we regularly compete in the various Lit Quiz Competitions.

At assemblies, girls sometimes present book reviews on books found in the library to recommend their favourite books to the other girls.

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