Micklefield’s notable cultural programme emphasises personal expression, celebrating the diversity of our cultural heritage, and instilling a love and appreciation of the arts.


We have a specialist art teacher who teaches art from pre-primary to Grade 7.

These classes are particularly small (half a class at a time) so that each girl can receive individual attention and training. Lessons are child- and process-centred, with a strong focus on practical skills and content knowledge.

Pupils are given the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of techniques and media, as well as with colour, design, and dimension. Lessons focus on teaching skills such as painting, observational drawing, and printmaking.

Each lesson focuses on teaching age-appropriate skills. In the Foundation Phase, there is a particular focus on expression through visual storytelling, whereas the older classes deal with composition and design in a more abstract format.

In the Intermediate and Senior phases, girls are introduced to more a formal understanding of art content knowledge and skills. This includes learning about the elements of art, the principles of design, and drawing techniques.


At Micklefield, we aim to instil a deep appreciation for and love of music. All pupils from Grade 00 to Grade 7 have class music and the Grade 1 girls learn the recorder as part of their curriculum. In addition, a team of music teachers offer tuition in a wide range of musical instruments, such as recorder, fife, flute, saxophone, violin, cello, guitar, ukulele, piano and keyboard. Music pupils are encouraged to play at assemblies, concerts, external eisteddfods, and external exams.

We offer marimba groups for Grades 5 to 7. These girls often participate in the annual marimba festival held at the Baxter Theatre.

Our girls are invited to participate in the Junior Choir (Grades 1–3), the Traditional Choir (Grades 1–7) and the Senior Choir (Grades 4–7). As an extension of the school choir, Micklefield has its own vocal ensemble, called Shocking Pink, consisting of a group of 20 girls from Grades 5 to 7. The members of Shocking Pink are chosen for their outstanding musical qualities, presence, and character. They go on a biennial workshop camp to bond and develop repertoire, alternating with a school tour every other year. Shocking Pink is constantly exposed to opportunities to showcase their talents.


Drama is a much-loved subject and an eagerly awaited weekly lesson for all our pupils from Grade 0 to Grade 7. Each pupil is encouraged to experiment and explore ideas in their own way in a non-pressurised and secure environment. The emphasis is on building the confidence of each child while allowing them to express their individual creativity. Reflection forms an important part of the process.

We explore all the facets of drama, including improvisation, role play, playmaking, characterisation, scriptwriting, public speaking, and choral speaking.

Every second year the Intermediate and Senior phases put on a much-anticipated production. Aspects such as teamwork, prop making, set building, costume collaboration, make-up, and stage management form part of the dramatic experience.

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