Leadership Programme

Micklefield places great value on developing skills that our girls will carry with them into their lives beyond school.

The Grade 7s start their leadership programme with a 3-day leadership camp where they participate in various activities and are taught many leadership skills.

All our Grade 7 girls are involved in a proactive Leadership Committee. They hold formal meetings run by a Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary who are elected on a termly basis by the girls. This affords them real-world skills such as building positive relationships and conducting themselves in a professional manner in a collaborative setting. The Committee consists of six portfolios – Outreach, Cultural, Pastoral, Robins, Kingfishers, and Swallows.  Each Grade 7 pupil has the opportunity to head the portfolio for a term.  Each portfolio initiates and organises various activities throughout the year and feeds back to the general committee during the meetings.

Our Conflict Resolution Programme trains grade 6 girls in positive ways to resolve conflict.  They learn the mediation process and the importance of active listening and of communicating their thoughts and intentions. After a number of workshops, the girls are trained to become Peer Mediators during their Grade 7 year.

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