Social Responsibility

Micklefield has a strong ethos of giving back to the community. Our socially conscious entrepreneurship project fosters tactical and innovative thinking while also developing our sixth-graders’ empathy, creativity and community involvement.

The project aims to raise awareness and funds while lending a helping hand to organisations in need.

The Grade 6 class starts the year by deciding what they are passionate about – people, animals, or the environment. They then find creative ways to raise awareness for their chosen organisations throughout the year. They raise funds by holding bake sales, selling homemade goods, holding raffles, and so forth. They are also encouraged to find a way to volunteer their own time and efforts.

The girls learn valuable lessons about persistence and offering support to others less fortunate than themselves. These are life skills which engender empathy within the larger community and develop the girls’ potential as valuable citizens of the future.

The organisations our girls have supported in the past include:

  • Christine Revell Children’s Home
  • SPCA
  • DARG
  • Four Paws
  • Scarborough Environmental Group
  • Waves for Change
  • Gift of the Givers
  • Greenpop
  • Huis Luckhoff
  • Mdzananda
  • Woof Project
  • Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary
  • Animal Rescue Organisation
  • SA Guide Dogs Association

The entrepreneurial project had truly opened our eyes to the real world, no longer did we just see the world through our own lenses or based on our own experiences. It had taught us of the local and global demands of our world, the privilege we held, and responsibility we had for change.

(Samiya Bhorat – Past Pupil)

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