At Micklefield, we provide a quality education committed to the development of academic excellence, creative thinking and effective communication skills. Each child’s individual potential is developed in a pleasant teaching and learning environment. With one class per grade and a maximum of 26 pupils per class, every girl is given the opportunity to shine.

Our girls are encouraged to think creatively, innovatively, and flexibly, and to navigate the world with compassion and consideration for others. We set the highest academic standards for our girls so that they are thoroughly prepared for and sought after by the most prestigious high schools.

Teaching and Learning

Micklefield follows the principles set out by the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) from Grade 00 to Grade 7.

We have a team of exceptionally talented, dedicated and passionate teachers working continuously to find the best ways of implementing the CAPS-based (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum in the most creative, inspiring and relevant manner.

Our teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are given creative freedom in their classrooms. All staff have regular opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, cluster groups and presentations to further develop their skills and ensure their teaching methods remain relevant.

Our girls are further supported by a multi-disciplinary team comprising of a full-time learning support therapist and a part-time private occupational therapist. Formal screening – occupational therapy and visual, hearing and speech screening – has been introduced in Grade 0. This assists in the early detection of barriers to learning.
Micklefield girls are given every opportunity to embrace learning outside the classroom. They go on numerous outings throughout the year and participate in international online competitions, inter-school quizzes and festivals.

Micklefield provides tuition for:

  • Grade 00
  • Foundation Phase (Grades 0–3)
  • Intermediate Phase (Grades 4–6)
  • Senior Phase (Grade 7)

The subjects in the Foundation Phase are:

  • Home language – English
  • First Additional Language – Afrikaans (Grades 1–3), Xhosa (Grades 1-3)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills

The subjects in the Intermediate and Senior phases are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Xhosa
  • Science and Technology (Grades 4–6)
  • Natural Science (Grade 7)
  • Social Studies – Geography, History
  • Technology (Grade 7)
  • Creative Arts – Drama, Singing, Art
  • Life Orientation – Physical Education, Personal and Social Well-Being
  • Technology – Design and Technology, Cookery, Craft
  • Economic and Management Sciences


Micklefield’s curriculum is approached in an integrative and holistic way right from the Early Childhood Development (ECD) phase.

During the Foundation Phase, we provide pupils with constant opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and stimulating space. We strive to foster the natural curiosity inherent in children of this age, whilst ensuring that all emergent literacy, numeracy and communication skills are developed both inside and outside the classroom.

Every teacher has the support of specialist teachers for Art, Music, Drama, Library, IT and Sport.

In Grade 00, play is at the heart of our preschool’s curriculum. Our Gr 00 boasts fantastic equipment and resources for both indoor and outdoor activities. We focus on ensuring that each child feels safe and happy. This allows each of our girls to develop at her own pace, in a space where learning is facilitated through meaningful interaction and play.

Our preschool teachers work hard to maintain quality and supportive relationships with parents through informal daily contact as well as during formal parent–teacher communication opportunities. Ongoing assessment informs the regular feedback given to parents on their daughter/s’ progress.

Grades 0–3

In the Foundation Phase, we make use of the Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills (THRASS) system to ensure a thorough understanding and systematic development of spelling and reading skills.
Our teachers strive to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of every pupil through the combination of reasonable target setting and one-on-one time. The lessons and teaching methods are varied, with the aim of providing for all  learning styles.

Our school recognises that developing the dynamics and relationships between the girls is an ongoing and important activity. Multiple opportunities are provided for group work to allow for the development of these vital collaborative skills.

We aim to encourage our girls to create and showcase their knowledge in their own unique way. This is done by acknowledging and celebrating their achievements outside school, and by giving them regular opportunities to develop critical thinking through self-evaluation and the expression of their own opinions and ideas.

Intermediate and Senior Phase

We go to great lengths to adapt the curriculum and improve  teaching to ensure that our pupils reach their full potential in all areas – academically, culturally and in sport.

These adaptations involve the inclusion of craft, cooking, Xhosa as a subject for second-language speakers, social entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, leadership development, blended learning and the thinking skills programme.

Micklefield takes part in various benchmarking initiatives, such as the Grade 6 IEB Core Skills, the Grade 7 MATCH, the WCED systemic tests, Horizon Maths, Conquesta, eisteddfods and festivals. These give an indication of how the school compares in both the independent and state sectors.

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