A specialist art teacher teaches Art from Pre-primary to Grade 7. Classes are small so that each girl is able to receive individual attention. The emphasis is on catering for the current talents of the girls. They are given the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of techniques, media, colour, design and dimension.


Micklefield girls are instilled with a deep appreciation for and love of music. All children from Grade R to Grade 7 have class music and the Grade 1 girls learn the recorder as part of the curriculum. In addition, a highly talented team of music teachers offer tuition in a wide range of musical instruments such as recorder, clarinet, flute, piano, violin, keyboard, saxophone and guitar. Music pupils are encouraged to play in assemblies and in regular concerts.

The girls are invited to audition for the Junior (Gr1-3), Senior (Gr4-7) and the Traditional Choir (Gr 1-7). As an extension of the school choir, Micklefield has its own vocal ensemble “Shocking Pink” consisting of a group of 20 girls from Grades 5-7. Shocking Pink members are chosen for their outstanding musical qualities, presence and character.  They go on an annual workshop camp to bond and develop repertoire, and are constantly exposed to opportunities to showcase their talents.


Drama is a much loved subject and eagerly awaited weekly lesson at Micklefield. It is introduced in Grade R and is continued through to Grade 7. The learners have the opportunity to explore the exciting world of choral verse speaking, improvisation, public speaking, puppetry, scripted plays and in role drama. We have also begun to explore the world of film which includes, both acting in front of the camera and what goes on behind it. A non-pressurised, secure environment is encouraged to allow learners to experiment with and explore their ideas. Reflection on work is an important part of the class. Every second year the Intermediate and Senior Phase put on a much anticipated production and aspects such as costume design, make-up and stage management form part of the dramatic experience.